About Da’oud

In my new kilt, Burningman supplies a little inspiration

Da’oud Thompson studied art, geology, and crystallography at Santa Barbara City College, and Humbolt State University, as well as jewelry and gemology under David LaPlantz, apprenticed under Karen Winsom-Smith and Paul Hapip. Starting originally in stone sculpture, his work moved easily to the realm of casting and metal fabrication. Having completed university studies, Da’oud continues his education by attending classes at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show GIA, as well as Santa Barbara Adult Education jewelry and art classes. Da’oud has always had an interest in ancient symbolism, cave art as well as metaphysical symbolism. Jewelry has much greater depth when it connects the sacred with the profane. Subtly incorporated into these designs, he endeavors to have a multidimensional impact on the wearer. Color, symbolism, gemstone energies, and the ever present feel of the flow of water are the hall-marks of his work. Da’oud is a Pisces.

Da’oud’s Bio

Trained in the art of lost wax casting and gemology, Da’oud attended Santa Barbara City College Geology and Gemology department, and then studied under David La Plantz at Humboldt State University Jewelry Dept, Martin Fowler at Santa Barbara Art Institute. Da’oud studied under of Joseph Hasselrode and Lloyd La Count at the Tucson Jewelers Art Center.

Da’oud has apprenticed under such renowned jewelry and sculpture artists as Paul Hapip Sandra Levitz, sculptor extraordinaire, and Martin Fowler in Santa Barbara. Most recently, Da’oud has done advanced studies at the Revere Academy in Oakland. Da’oud has studied gemology through the GIA in Santa Monica and various courses held by may groups at the Tucson Gem show. Education is an ongoing force of artistic and professional stimulation for Da’oud

Artist’s Statement

I have been a jeweler and sculptor for twenty-five years, and from a background of stone carving I moved into the field of Lost Wax Casting. Wax is carved intricately, surrounded with plaster investment, burned out and then injected with gold and silver. Stone settings are made from design elements such as tendrils of vines or celtic knots to embrace the stone. I combine casting with fabrication and the marriage of metals of a unique look. I make finger rings, bracelets, pins, pendants, ear cuffs, and beaded necklaces for my pendants. I design and manufacture all of my work. I also carry a unique line of finger gauntlets (“finger armor”) as well as unique beaded necklaces with the help of the supurb bead artist Barbara Koppang of Minneapolis, Mn.

Being a student of ancient symbolism, I like to imbue my designs with a deeper if subtle meaning, especially my line of wedding and engagement rings. Many of my pieces have printed stories of their meaning and use as talismans for change. These stories as well as corresponding pictures can be found on my website.

People comment on my work that is a welcome change from the contemporary sensibilities of hard edges and unwearable fashion. People love my rings and frequently wear them all the time. My work is designed for long wear, and for handing down to future generations. Look to my work for something that you’ll wear often and love to gaze upon.

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