Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with Platinum or White Gold?

Yes! When you click on a piece, notice that you will be given a lot of choices of metals, including rose gold and 18kt. For Platinum, price would depend on ring sizes and setting desired. Platinum is a delightful metal, nice and heavy, durable, and impressive. Platinum is more expensive than 14kt gold. It’s different to work with from gold, and I do love the results. White gold is available, same price as yellow gold. White gold is very durable and popular metal these days and is less expensive than platinum. We also carry 18kt gold and rose gold, by special request.

What kinds of gemstones may I choose from?

I carry a large stock of good quality colored gemstones of all types, and can order diamonds in all shapes and sizes and quality at a reasonable prices from sources in Los Angeles and New York.

The prices of these stones vary according to many factors such as cut, color and clarity. Consider your budget, and I’ll get you the best stones for your individual needs.

Are Diamonds available?

I have access to a large assortment of diamonds of different qualities and prices. This is best done over the phone, as the pricing varies according to cut, color and clarity. What can you budget for a stone, and in those parameters, would you be willing to live with very minute inclusions in order to get the largest stone possible? The variables are endless according to you budget needs. Call for a quote. All of my diamonds are of secondary sources, conflict free stones. I do this by buying only stones that have been in circulation here in the United States, from Estate sales or from jewelry that has been broken up to make new more exciting designs.

Can I place an order on lay away?

Yes. Half of the money down insures a fix on the price, payments of any amount are O.K., but half down is the usual. You may pay monthly or weekly, as you wish. I prefer to have orders paid within two to three months.

Preferred payment plan: 1/2 down, 1/2 upon completion, except for rush orders which need to be done in 4 weeks or less, where full payment is required. A credit card works handily for this, check or money order is equally acceptable. If your budget requires evenly spaced weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments, I can work this out with you.

I usually take 12 weeks for an order. I can do your order sooner (3 to 4 weeks, depending on my schedule) with the application of a rush charge of $60 per ring. Even with the rush fee, my work is very reasonably priced, and would be custom made to your size.

How do you make your jewelry?

I use a process called Investment Casting, otherwise known as Lost Wax Casting. You can read about my method – the process that each and every ring must go through to get to you: Lost Wax Investment Casting of Handmade Jewelry.