2 Leaves Band Medium

2 Leaves band Very Thin

2 Leaves Band Thin

2 Leaves Band Wide

Forget Me Knot and Ivy Wide With Rim, Tapered

Forget Me Nots and Ivy Wide With Rims, No Taper

4mm Forget Me Knot and Ivy Wide Band

Forget Me Not and Ivy, Thin

Forget Me Not and Ivy, Thin With Notch

Wide Valley Oak Leaves

Wide Oak Leaves With Rim

Medium Oak Leaves With Rim

Medium Oak Leaf With Notch

Oak and Acorn Compliment Band

River Valley Medium Wide

River Valley Extra-Wide

Thin Oak

3mm Thin Waves With Stone


Harvest Wide With Rims

Mountains River Wide With Sun

Mountains, Narrow

Mountains and River, Narrow WIth 2.5mm Bezel Setti

Oak and Acorn Narrow

Oak and Acorn Medium, Pierced

Oak and Acorn Medium With 4mm Bezel Set Stone

Oak and Acorn Medium, Thickened

Oak and Acorn, Most Thin

Oak and Acorn Thin, Nesting Compliment

Oak and Acorn Pierced, Extra Wide, Domed

Freeform Ripples With Notch

Freeform Ripples With Notch

Freeform Ripples Band

Ivy, Medium

Rose Band, Wide

Oak and Acorn Solid, Medium

Celtic Swirl Accompany band

6x4 with 2.5mm side stones, Grape vine, thin

3.5mm Oak and Acorn

6x4 Harvest Wheat

10x5 Two Trees

5x7 Daisy

6mm (Delicate) Wheat

13x18 Wheat Fronds

18x13 4 Elements Ring

6x8 Three Lillies

6mm New River

8x10 Corn Lily

6x4 Center 3mm Side Grapes on Vine 3 Stone ring

6x4 Oak and Acorn

Oak and Acorn 5mm Princess cut two side stones

6x4 Two trees

1/2 ct Marquise Tiffany Grapes setting

4mm Forget-Me-Knots with Ivy

5mm Freeform Ripples w/stone + 2 channel set stone

9x7mm Octangular Stone Freeform Ripples

2.7mm 5 Stone grapes on vine band - top

5 stone grape compliment, 2.6mm - Bottom

River Valley, Narrow

5mm Oak Engagement Ring w/side leaves

Simple compliment for Oak Engagement Ring RS-95

9x7 octangular, Tsunami

9x7 oval Rose ring

8x6 Rose ring oval

5mm Waves on Stone

5mm Waves tiffany

5mm Oak Engagement Ring

Two 4mm stone ring w/thin twin rail bands

18x13 Vines ring

9 stones compliment

6mm flowers and dots

6x4 Wide Oak w/stone

6x4 Wheat w/comp welded together

Thin Waves w/ notch

4mm Lady Loops

Grapevine medium, luscious

Ivy, Thin

Waves, Widest, With Sun

5mm Oak and Acorn ring

Oak Leaves Medium Band

Small Dolphins

Grapevine, medium

Snake Ring

Elven Ring

4.5mm, 1.5mm Waves on Stone

2mm Oak and Acorn

6mm Thistle

6mm Forget me Knots

9x7 Oak and Acorn, octangular

5mm Swirl 5 prong

4mm Rose Wide Band

7x5 Double Dolphins

2mm 5 Stone Helix Compliment

Two Trees Band

Mountains, Wide

Grapevine, Thin

Waves, Wide, No Sun

Thin Waves, No Notch

Thin Waves, With Sun

Grapevine, Thin

Grapevine, thin, all around

Grapevin, Large

Freeform Ripple, Medium Thin

7x5 Lotus

8x6 Lotus

8x6 Double Lily

Double Dolphins

8x6 Horizontal River Ring

Grapevine Large, All Around

6x4 Oak and Acorn Emerald Cut, 2mm side stone

7x5 Oak and Acorn

4mm Waves, 6 prong

4mm Bezel Set with Lady

Oak and Acorn Merged

Small Dolphin

Open Band

Heart Compliment

8x6mm Gail's Three Swirls Ring

Oak and Acorn Solid, thin

6x4 Oak and Acorn Tiffany Marquis