This is a single ring version of two rings which have been welded together. It is the 6x4 wheat ring, RS-4 in combination with its compliment, WBC-23, to make for a more comfortable wear. It also shows the possibility of your Da'oud ring and compliment can, too, be welded together. It is 13.5mm wide at the point in the center front and tapers down to 5.5mm around the combined band.

6x4 Wheat w/comp welded together

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Where would we, humans, be without wheat!?! We domesticated this plant thousands of years ago and it has come to sustain and revive us time and time again. It is baked in our bread, brewed in our beer, and feeds our livestock! It is so integral to the human experience we have idolized its plant cycle in a variety of ways. It is the symbol of the seasons, the spring, summer and the fall. It represents the harvest cycle, the planting the sowing and the reaping pattern we all have in some way in all of our lives. When you see wheat in your dreams, it is said to bring success and money, and it also stands for the wonder of charity. This beautiful design represents the reaping of plans and ideas and even love. Celebrate the harvest, you deserve it!

Prices are for metal work only. Stones are sold separately

Item number: RS_115