Dancing Knot Tibetan Narrow, High Dome

Dancing Knot Tibetan, Thinnest

Tibetan Dancing Knot, Wide

Dancing knot Tibetan Medium

Dancing Knot Deco


Celtic lightning, thin

Celtic Lightning Wide

Celtic Flat Wide

Celtic Flat, Medium

Celtic Flat, Medium With 6mm Setting

Claddagh, two hearts

Claddagh Big Mens

Claddagh Small Traditional

Celtic Medium With Notch

Celtic Thin With Notch

Claddagh Band

Double Helix, thin

Celtic Etched Wide

Celtic, thinnest

Triscallia All Around, Wide

Triscalia All Around, Medium

Triscalia All Around, Thinnest

Arabesque, Wide and Thin

Arabesque, Medium With Rims

Claddagh With Tapered Celtic Band

Claddagh With Flat Celtic Knot Band

Heavy Damon's Claddagh With Knot Band

Damon's Claddagh, Thinned

6x6 Heart Damon's Claddagh

Greek Key, Narrow

Greek Key, Wide

Wolf Raven Narrow

Wolf Raven Wide and Thick

Celtic Horse, Thin With Flat Knot

Celtic Horse With Flat Knot, Bigger Horse

Celtic Two Horse, Wide With Knot

Celtic Two Horse, Medium With Knot

Claddagh Scottish

Celtic Chain, solid back


5x10 Marquise Compliment Ring

Celtic Band, No Rim

5mm 6 Prong Tri-Celtic Low

4mm Triceltic Wide band 3 stone

10x5 Marquis Triceltic

4.5mm w/2mm channel set side stones Dancing Knot s

5mm Celtic Swirl

6mm Celtic swirl

5mm Celtic Swirl Wide

Men's Celtic Knot Band w/8mm Stone

8x6 Pear Triceltic Ring

5mm Celtic Knot band

3.5mm with Triknots on each side

6x6 Claddagh, 4 prong

6x6 Triceltic Heart

10x12 Celtic Flat Medium

Celtic Flat, Thin

5mm Celtic thin

5x3 Marquise Tri-Knot

4mm Celtic Trillium stretch 3 stone

6x4 Celtic Light

8x6 oval Deco-Celtic

4mm Helix Swirl, rails

Celtic Wide, Not Pierced

4mm Jelling Wide w/rims

Celtic Thin

Arabesque Knot, Medium

5x5 Claddagh, 6 prong

Tree of Life, domed

X-Wide Celtic Knot, Pierced

Trillium, Small

6mm Celtic Tapered

Celtic Etched, thin

6x4 Double Triscalia

7x5 Swirl with Celtic Etched Band

3x5 Oval Triscalia

9x7 Celtic Tapered

Celtic Pierced Wide

Celtic Pierced Extra Wide

Celtic Pierced Medium

Tree of Life

Tree of Life, with raised rims

Mariners Love Knot, wide

Jelling Band

Jelling Band with raised rims


Claddagh, Men's Fla

Claddagh, Wide Tapered

Arabesque, Thinnest

8x10 Men's Celtic

Yin Yang Band

Dancing Knot, Egypto

4x4 Claddagh 4 prong

5mm Celtic Dark with Rims

Mariner's Love Knot, thin

4x4 Princess-cut Jelling

Celtic Horse Wide With Flat Knot

5.5mm Celtic Dark

5mm Celtic Band

8mm Claddagh with 3 millie stones

5x5 Claddagh, tapered with knots

6mm Celtic Etched Band

Triscalia, Saw Cut