Triscallia all around, widest in the set of three.

This ring is 8.6mm wide.This lovely ring has alternating triangle knots, called triscalia, going all the way around the ring.

Triscallia All Around, Wide

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The symbolism of this knot may have harkened unto the holy trinity, or perhaps Maid, Mother, Crone. Triscallia Knot, also called a Trinity Knot are forms of the Eternity Love knot.

Although many knots could be termed an "Eternity Knot", any knot that has a closed path, with no beginning or end may be symbolic of continuum or eternity. Whereas we may not know its meaning to ancient scribes, a latter day interpretation was suggested by the great Scottish Celtic art teacher of the 20th century, George Bain, and has been an accepted meaning by many artists and craftsmen. Since knotwork is often used as an emblem of heritage, the symbolism of "continuum" reinforces the endurance of the tradition. The Tri-fold structure of this knot suggests the coming together of past, present, and future.

Item number: WB_96