This variation has raised rims and is somewhat thicker and heavier, making a wonderful men's ring. The width of this design is 9.2mm.

The Wolf and Raven are a symbiotic pair, helping each other to hunt, both mating for life.

Wolf Raven Wide and Thick

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The Wolf and Raven were both sacred animals to the Norse who believed they were the consorts to Odin, the All father. By his side were always his two wolves, Geri and Freki, and his two ravens, Huggin and Munin. These two creates are quite rare in nature as they have evolved a truly symbiotic relationship. Ravens commonly develop social relations with Wolves. The Wolves end up providing food from their kill to the Ravens and the Ravens in turn offer entertainment in the form of games and play. Each is rewarded by the presence of the other.

Item number: WB_118