This band is in the Mariners Love Knot series at 5.97mm wide.

These smooth domed bands are engraved with a design, which symbolizes the maintenance of individuality in a relationship. The mandala is the dance of two who help each other to grow by being there to reflect as a mirror, the cords left free symbolize that individuality is not lost but enhanced by this union. The Knot is dancing in that it is fluid, not constricting but organic, alive and in motion, in tune with the forces of life, adaptable to new circumstances. . Variants of this concept are the Deco, Tibetan. And Egypto, with their accompanying Ladies sizes. The Tibetan narrow comes in a low dome and a higher dome style.

Mariners Love Knot, wide

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Legend has it that the True Lovers Knot or Mariner's knot was the result of a Sailor's desire to retain the affection and attention of his beau by giving her this knot, which if left in its original form over the duration of his voyage, and upon his return he finds it so, he still has a chance at her heart; albeit on a probationary mode.

This knot by its nature if fiddled with, will change it's form to look like a cross with four loops. If our sailor returned to the knot in this form, he'd better get on his knees and woo extra hard, cause she needs to be worked for if he is to ever have a chance.

In that the knot engraved upon this band changes not, we have indeed a true lover's knot.

Item number: WB_25a