This is the largest of the Claddagh rings, a tradition out of Galway, Ireland. It is 17.8mm wide in the center from and tapers down to 4.75 in the band.

The Claddagh ring is reputed to be of a tradition handed down for many generations in the Irish fishing village of Claddagh, adjacent to the city walls of Galway. Traditionally this ring was an heirloom of the family, handed down firstly as an engagement ring, then as a wedding ring.

This unique design symbolizes Love in the form of the heart, the hands of friendship cradling it, and the crown of fidelity.

Wear this on your right hand with the heart turned outwards and you are demonstrating to the world that your heart is not yet won.

Worn on the left hand with heart turned inwards, it means two loves joined in matrimony. This finger has a vein that goes directly to the heart.

Claddagh Big Mens

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A form of this design (without the crown) was uncovered in a sunken Spanish galleon, divers having found it on the hand of a sailor of the unlucky ship foundered on the Irish coastline during the Spanish Armada. Inscribed in Spanish on the inside: No tengo nada, porque darte. Roughly this translates to: I have nothing, for it is given unto you. Some say that Queen Elizabeth added the crown much later to this traditional style.

It is said that a young man named Richard Joyce was captured just prior to his wedding, sold into slavery by pirates, and wound up in the Algeria, learning gold smithing. He fashioned this design for his beloved and was finally freed by the royal decree of 1689. He returned to Ireland and gave this ring to his betrothed. Enjoy this unique design, and may you add more color to it's meaning by your own appreciation, personal symbolism and further adventures!

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