This is a version of the Celtic Pierced band is about 6.5mm wide, is nice and substantial, pierced holes between the knots. A version of this ring is also available with a stone, see RS-138.

Celtic Pierced Medium

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n ancient times, throughout northern Europe, there flourished an art form of graceful interlace that was to adorn everything from standing stones in sacred places to personal adornment and jewelry. It is understood these interwoven motifs speak of the interconnectedness of all life, Like a spider's web, no part can be touched without affecting the whole.

As a wedding band, these bands can work as a talisman of your affinity with the whole. Tapping into the Great Spirit, the One, and the incredible potential that is yours. Just as the single strands of the cord are somewhat fragile, when woven together, the rope is far stronger than all of its individual parts.

Item number: WB_7