This is the Arabesque Celtic Knot within its widest band. It is 11.2mm wide, the widest band we have in our collection! It's thin design, however, makes it a comfortable wear. Remember to (possibly) go up a size when ordering such wide ring!

If you would like an even more substantial ring, check out WB-98a. It is the same design with raised rims.

Arabesque, Wide and Thin

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Taken from an intricately carved frieze of an ancient Persian temple, this is a design of the interlacing of two graceful lines, coming together and coming back together again. This shows the symmetry of a relationship that is both connected beautifully and celebrates the individuality of the two parts. This design holds dear that there are cycles to everything, and that the pattern of the whole is but the mark of tread marks moving forward on the path of life, powered by the engine of dynamic, erotic opposites. This set comes in three widths, from very wide to thin.

Item number: WB_98