This celtic swirl ring has a wide band, knotwork tapering down to a three ridged back of the ring. This lovely engagement ring easily fits a half carat diamond. It is 11mm wide and tapers down to 4.5mm around the band.

The design was inspired by an experience on a canoe at night, the clouds parting to allow moonlight to reveal the swirls from my paddle on the lakes surface. Being in a psyche-celtic frame of mind, thus arose the celtic swirl ring. Its available in a wide or narrow version. A matching band is available in the same width as celtic medium band (#3 turns into #22 with a notch) or celtic thin (#4 turns into 22a, with a notch to accommodate the engagement ring).

5mm Celtic Swirl Wide

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The cycle of water on our planet includes the path of the river. Water flows swirling and melodiously to the ocean. The river is a journey; it flows in the path of least resistance. Obstacles are gently moved around, almost like in the martial arts, dealt with in the least stressful manner. Yet the river's commitment to gravity is relentless. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin seemed to do fine on the river. Rapids happen, they can be terrifying or fun, or perhaps both. The River doesn't care. Flow with it, baby.

In ancient times, throughout northern Europe, there flourished an art form of graceful interlace that was to adorn everything from standing stones in sacred places to personal adornment and jewelry. It is understood these interwoven motifs speak of the interconnectedness of all life, Like a spider's web, no part can be touched without affecting the whole.

Prices are for metal work only. Stones are sold separately

Item number: RS_53