This version of the Forget-Me-Knot design tapers for a comfortable fit around the finger. It is 7mm wide in the center front and tapers down to 4.5mm in the center back, giving a more comfortable fit while maintaining the band look.

A version of this ring features a 4mm stone set within the band, see WB-40a.

Forget Me Knot and Ivy Wide With Rim, Tapered

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This set of bands is composed of entertwining ivy and forgetmeknots, both of which have symbolic meaning going back to ancient times. Ivy, in Greek mythology was associated with the Dionysian cult of wine and worldly pleasures, unrestrained joy give or take a few hangovers. The Romans used a draft of ivy leaves boiled in wine as a "hair of the dog" remedy for hangover. Later, Ivy's tenacious ability to hang in there made it a fitting symbol for a strong relationship in medieval symbology. The flowers of the Forgetmeknot symbolize true love, a love not to be forgotten.

These bands are available in a narrow, organic looking format, and in a wider band with a frame of metal bars making a handsome mens ring entirely appropriate for women as well. Please note that both of these designs will accommodate a setting as well.

Item number: WB_40