This ring is a delicate variation of the Dolphins band. It features a small dolphin swimming amongst the waves. This ring is 4.5mm in the center front and tapers down to 2.5 in the back.

The present fascination with all things dolphin is much more than our collective memory of "Flipper" reruns, as you will see, porpoises may represent mankind's evolution towards a utopian peaceful coexistence with the earth and each other.

Despite our being cursed with opposable thumbs (the source of much techno- mischief that has led to the soiling our ecological bed), we may eventually achieve the high state of joy exemplified by these happy go lucky, sexually uninhibited and playful creatures.

Small Dolphin

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An artist friend of mine, living alone on a desert tropical isle for many years came to a sort of mental melding with dolphins, a relationship which enriched his art and understanding of our linkage to these intelligent creatures. He told me that our present interest in dolphins is a response to a psychic plea from their collective mind to pay attention to the damage done to their environment, and that the massive suicides they embark upon regularly are wakeup calls to mankind. This is not unlike the sort of sacrifice one of our prophets did two thousand years ago to get our attention...

Playful, intelligent, mischievous, and gregarious with not much to worry about except our meddling in their lives, these creatures may indeed be trying to communicate with us.

Item number: RN_4