This wonderful band takes the Oak Leaf Band Wb-43, and adds a stone in the center. Pictured here is a version with a 14k gold acorn set in place of a traditional gemstone.

6x4 Wide Oak w/stone

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The mighty Oak has over the ages been representative of wisdom, strength, and longevity. Whether worshipped as a god [such as Tannin] or simply as symbolic of our ancestors, the Oak and its propensity to live for many generations gives a timeless, deeply rooted and very grounded feeling. The garland of Oak leaves represents the circle of Oaks, planted in ancient Druid times. Like the gathering of one's relatives at a ceremony, the Oak circle invokes all one's ancestors. Such a powerful blessing could be applied to many endeavors from a marriage to an initiation for a new path for one's life.

Prices are for metal work only. Stones are sold separately

Item number: RS_114