This beautiful ring features a 9x7 Octagonal or Emerald Cut stone within the free formed ripples.

9x7mm Octangular Stone Freeform Ripples

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These bands are individually sculpted out of wax sheet which is hand formed and painstakingly detailed, then cast into gold to bring forth the rippled look of water flowing in a stream. Others see a similarity to the bark of an Oak Tree. The stream flows carelessly and effortlessly following its course in a light and free manner. Obstacles are treated as opportunities for growth and advancement, and dealt with not by resistance but by flowing around, embracing the change they afford.

These bands are created so that they are wider and of a higher dome than my other rings, yet are hollowed out to a degree so that they aren't solid, the inside mimics the outer surface, with a rippled surface hidden beneath the surface. The overall effect is one of a rich and full bodied band with an interesting textured surface.

Prices are for metal work only. Stones are sold separately

Item number: RS_79a