This lovely 5 stone band goes with the three stone engagement ring RS-83, and is made to follow the curves so that they fit together snugly. Pairing these two with RS-83b makes for a truly rockstar set.

2.7mm 5 Stone grapes on vine band - top

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From ancient Greece comes the reverence for one path to Divinity, it is the path of Ecstasy, joy, frolic and fun. The God of this path is Bacchus, and his herb, his vehicle was that of the fruit of the vine, the product being wine. Not particularly interested in moderation, this path may lead towards a hangover, but if properly administered, a divine state of faux-bliss is reached, as close as us mortals are allowed to reach on this path.

The story of Grapes reveal that a relationship is like fine wine, for as your relationship gets closer it's like brandy, which becomes better with age.

Prices are for metal work only. Stones are sold separately

Item number: RS_83a