This beautiful ring features an 7x5 oval stone. The Lotus blooms around the entire stone. It is 12mm wide at the center front and tapers down to 3mm around the band. This is the newer version of the Lotus Design, see RS-11 for the older version.

8x6 Lotus

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The Lotus is a sacred flower among many cultures, ancient and modern. It lives in the water, and from the water it seems to be reborn. The Hindu Goddesses Lakshmi and Sarasvati are depicted riding them, a source of truly divine beauty! The layered petals are said to represent the expanding soul, and Buddhist have high regard for the plant as well. The Ancient Egyptians also revered this plant, though today we know the Egyptians actually revered the water lily, mistaking it for the same type of plants. But both flowers symbolize the beauty of birth, rebirth and how we all come from water. In a modern sense, the Lotus is a wonderfully unique plant in that it has thermoregulation, meaning it can create heat, might like us, warm-blooded mammals! A truly magical flower.

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Item number: RS_5