Waves band with a notch to wrap around some of the Waves Settings with a stone, such as: RS-106, RS-106a, RS-106b, and RS-107. It is wider, to show off the design. It is 6.25 mm wide.

A version of this ring is also available without the notch, to make it simple a detailed band of waves, see WB-21.

Thin Waves w/ notch

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Be they Ocean Waves or the flow of the river of Life, Water teaches the great lesson of flowing with change. All vibration and thus life is a constant flux of ebb and flow, ups and downs, and the rhythm of this is visually explicit in the way water is in constant motion, yet calm down deep.

A relationship that embraces change is one that is empowered to change with all it encounters, thus having access to the deeper power of love that underlies what could be considered chaos.

Water teaches the way to deal with obstacles, having fun surfing this great power and not concerned with resistance to it.

The Sun in the waves symbolizes optimism, hope and the qualities of radiant light, a force that illuminates all it touches.

This ring is approximately 6.25 mm wide

Item number: WB_20