Oak and Acorn band, solid, not pierced, flows like a garland of the ancient Oak's leaves, enduring the long haul of time, still showing the new beginning symbolized by the acorn. This one is of medium width, measuring 5.35mm.

Oak and Acorn Solid, Medium

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The acorn is the seed of the oak, and represents the new beginning and great potential of a long lived, strong, and vital relationship. The Oak tree was worshipped in the ancient religions as being of our ancestors, a symbol of strength, everlasting wisdom and integrity. The garland of Oak leaves and acorns bestows on the wearer the symbolism of the favor of the Oak people, their deity Tannin, and invokes the blessing of all ones relations, past and present, as well as the great circle of life. The Acorn symbolizes the launching of this great endeavor, the beginning of something that will grow, evolve, and be abundant.

Item number: WB_113