This beautiful ring features a 6mm stone with thistles on the side, the bristles of the top of the flower making up the prongs to hold the stone. It is 7.5mm wide in the center front and tapers gradually down to 2.5mm in the band.

6mm Thistle

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The thistle was the flower that saved Scotland. Legend says that in the 13th century a Norse king tried to invade Scotland. The arrived at night and tried to take the coastal town of Lagos by stealth, which required the troops to advance barefoot. Of course, the first soldier who put his bare foot down on this prickly plant, which grows all over the country, cried out. This woke all of the Scottish soldiers stationed in the village, leading to the Scottish winning victory over the invading Vikings. This ring truly represents the national flower, the stems growing along the sides of the bands with the spines of the flowering bud creating the prongs to hold in the gemstone. When Da’oud originally designed this ring, he set a beautiful purple Amethyst in the ring. Celebrate the tenacity of both the Scots and their thistle with this wonderful band.

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Item number: RS_127