This lovely ring has a setting for a largish oval stone, around 1.5 to 2 cts for a diamond, 8x6mm in size. There is a rose carving on each side of the setting, vines and rose petals rise up to hold in the stone which is held close to the finger, no higher than the depth of the stone. This ring is 9mm wide at the center front and is 2.5mm around the band.

This ring is available with a larger setting, 9x7 in size,

8x6 Rose ring oval

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Diamonds may be forever, but the romantic significance of the Rose goes back much further than the popular gemstone. Roses have been attributed to goddess like Isis and Aphrodite, showing their link with passion and love goes back millennia. Roses are a symbol of passion, love, affection and beauty. The thorns pointing down towards the earth symbolize protection against the earthly temptations, advocating fidelity.

Prices are for metal work only. Stones are sold separately

Item number: RS_105a