This is the medium wide version of the oak leaves band, a garland of overlapping oak leaves. It is 6.5mm wide. This ring compliments flat rings but also comes in a variation with a notch to accommodate a gemstone as well, see RS-47.

Oak Leaves Medium Band

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The mighty Oak has over the ages been representative of wisdom, strength, and longevity. The ancient god Tannin once ruled over this mighty tree, all of our ancestors abilities are ours through our connection to our genetic past. The Oak and its propensity to live for many generations gives a timeless, deeply rooted and very grounded feeling. The garland of Oak leaves represents the circle of Oaks, planted in ancient Druid times. Like the gathering of one's relatives at a ceremony, the Oak circle invokes all one's ancestors. Such a powerful blessing could be applied to many endeavors from a marriage to an initiation for a new path for one

Item number: WB_46