This smooth sided ring has a bezel holding in the stone, and looks very dynamic.. It holds in a 12 round cabochon stone, available in lapis, black onyx, garnet, amethyst, and other stones by special request. Underneath the stone, against the finger, is carved a small pentacle for luck and protection.

12mm cab with pentacle

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The Pentacle has a long and sometimes quite sordid history. In Medieval England, a pentacle was actually a term for any talisman, an object used to protect or bring luck to the wearer. The number 5 has had a lot of significance throughout history: The five sense, the five elements, the five wounds of Christ, the five joys of Mary. It wasn’t until the Renaissance did this symbol take on a more sinister meaning. In modern paganism and Wicca, the Pentagram represents the five elements of the world: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the last being Spirit, that which resides over all. This particular ring is a fantastic way to carry this tolken around with you. The pentacle is actually carved into the ring, under the bezel-set stone, against your finger. A wonderful talisman to remember your own link to the world around you.

Prices are for metal work only. Stones are sold separately

Item number: RS_117