A 5 stone helix compliment to go around any of our marquis cut designs. This compliment also fits wonderfully around our Claddagh designs.

5 stone Helix Marquis Compliment

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The double helix represents intricate knot work seen throughout Europe, but it is also of a more modern, scientific significance. The ultimate structure of life, the Double Helix links us all genetically to each other. Its shape, appearing in art and nature for millions of years before its discovery in 1953, has always represented life. The ancient Sumerians praised the helix as the representation of the snake god Ningishzida, who was also the god of the trees and healing. The influence of his symbol can still be seen on any hospital seal, having been the inspiration for Hermes’ caduceus. One can see this in the many depictions of knots and snakes twisted into a double helix, all representing the cycle and motion of life.

Prices are for metal work only. Stones are sold separately

Item number: RS_124