This gorgeous ring holds a large 18x13 sized stone, with many options available: lapis, opal, amethyst, garnet, Rubellite, carnelian, black onyx, and many others. Da'oud has also been known to set a faceted stone upside down to make a truly unique ring. This design is 20mm wide in the center front and 4mm around the band.

18x13 Big Swirl ring

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Art Nouveau was an art movement during the later decades of the 19th century. It is a classic late-Victorian motif, casting off the rigid designs of the earlier Neo-Gothic movement. Smooth lines and sudden curves, almost like trailing smoke, was its defining feature. A rediscovered interest in Egyptian and Celtic are were also nurtured during this period. Da’oud was quite inspired with this movement and many of his rings are inspired by the art of the greats like Mucha, Gaudí, Beardsley and especially Larche and Lalique.

Prices are for metal work only. Stones are sold separately

Item number: RS_67